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Announcement >> Student from class 4A (2013) and 4B (2013) can collect your O Level certificates and testimonial from the school's general office between 8am to 6pm daily from 19 March onwards.




1) Please click here for the Preliminary 2 Examination Timetable.


2) ECHA Award nomination is open now. Please click here to find out more. Nomination closes on 12 August 2014.



3) Please click on 4E/5N, 4NA/4NT for their respective Preliminary Exam Timetable and click here for Common Test 2 schedule for Sec 1 to 3.


4) Welcome back to school! All MacPhersonians are to click here to check your Semester 2 Timetable and to prepare for lessons on 30th June.


5) Start of Monday LEAP (afternoon classes) for Upper Sec. students. Please Take Note:


LEAP Programme for 30 June (2.15pm to 3.35pm)


All Sec. 4 Express and Sec 5 Normal Academic students - English Language LEAP (Oral Practice)


All Sec. 4 Normal Academic students - Mother Tongue Language LEAP


Pls bring along your Holiday Assignments for LEAP


All Sec. 3s - English Language LEAP


Pls bring along your Holiday Assignments for LEAP


Information on venues will be given by your subject teachers on Monday, 30 June.


Academic Value-
Added Award
2009 - Silver
2011 - Bronze
2012 - Gold

Academic Value-
Added Award
2009 - Bronze
2010 - Bronze
2012 - Silver
Development Award
Development Award
School Green Audit
Award (Lotus)
3R Sustained 
   GOLD Award